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Our Services

All our services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is recommended as the “gold standard” for treating individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and related developmental and learning disorders and delays.

We provide state-of-the-art ABA home, school, and community based services and focus on goals that encompass the full range of a child’s emerging skills to foster independence and learning.

All direct 1:1 services utilize a HIPPA compliant electronic data collection system to maximize on session time while working with your child. It will allow the BCBA to continually monitor your child’s progress and to get notified when his or her attention is needed or when your child reaches a milestone. Parents can also monitor their child’s progress and will get weekly or monthly reports on their child’s performance.

Direct One-to-One Services

Our highly trained Behavior Therapists will work directly with your child under the constant supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to effectively manage and reduce challenging behavior and to teach a variety of meaningful, functional, and age-appropriate skills. This will help your child thrive and adapt to his or her environment with ease.

Our therapist utilize a variety of procedures to better prepare your child to excel. Our 1:1 services encompass Intensive Behavior Management/Modification, Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Adaptive Skills Training (AST)/Functional Living Skills, and Naturalistic Environment Training (NET).

Early Intervention Services

We recognize how essential time is for you and your child. Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to work with you and your child from birth to three years old in any setting to help build, expand, and foster developmentally appropriate skills and manage challenging behavior.

Adaptive and Functional Living Skills

Our team of Behavior Therapists and BCBAs are highly qualified to work with any individual aged four years-old and on to help teach functional living skills in any setting. We utilize different assessments to determine specific areas of need and tailor our training to maximize individual growth.

Social Skills Group

What is better to teach appropriate social interaction, communication, and play skills than pairing your child with other children who can naturally model those skills?

Our team of professionals are ready to work with your child with his or her siblings, family members, peers, and/or other children in your home, school, or community to build, expand, and enhance appropriate socialization, communication, and play skills.

Parent Training

As parents, you are your child’s number one and most valuable teachers. Our highly qualified BCBAs will continuously work directly with you and other family members of your choice to make your and your child’s life easier and happier!

We will train you on how to effectively manage your child’s behavior to eliminate any potential frustration, guilt, or confusion, how to teach your child important skills, and how to foster independence, communication, play, and socialization.

IEP/Educational Consultation, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Development

Whether you are a school seeking a Functional Behavior Assessment and a Behavior Intervention Plan to better serve your student and/or determine an appropriate placement to fit your students’ needs or whether you are a parent seeking to determine if your child is eligible for ABA or other related services, we have got you covered!

At BASS, our highly qualified Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) work around your and your child’s/student’s needs to develop a comprehensive FBA report and BIP in any setting. After meeting with you and with your child/student, our BCBAs will determine which assessment is best fit to accurately target your child’s/student’s areas of need.

We are also available to provide IEP consultation and attend IEP meetings.

Teacher and Paraprofessional Training and Follow-up Services

Our team of highly qualified BCBAs are ready to provide General ABA Training and Specific ABA Training to match your need.

Through our General ABA Training, we will equip your staff with different skills to effectively manage classroom behavior and foster learning within a typical or a special needs classroom.

Through our Specific ABA Training, we will train your teachers and paraprofessionals on how to effectively manage your students’ behaviors and implement the developed BIP for these students in any type of classroom. We also offer follow-up services to ensure that students are progressing as planned and that the staff is implementing all procedures accurately and consistently.


Our team of highly qualified BCBAs are ready to offer supervision services and guidance for any individual or student seeking an RBT, BCaBA, and BCBA certifications.


We accept most insurance groups. Please fill out the Insurance Intake Form and our team will reach out to you once we contact your insurance and get you approved.

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